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Level 5 step sequence

Began working on step sequence on 14th September.

So far:

  • Start bottom corner of rink (by fire exit)
  • 3 jump (land with L leg in landing position as usual)
  • RBO 3-turn
  • Put L left down into spread eagle
  • Allow spread eagle to turn me
  • RBI
  • LFO
  • RFI down rink into rocker
  • After rocker (i.e. now on RBI), put L foot down in front of R foot; open R shoulder to turn toward judge’s side of rink
  • Bend R foot, step onto L
  • RFI twizzle two and a half times (to backwards)
  • L toe, R toe (while turning), cross L over R while backwards
  • Step RFO
  • L cross roll
  • Now on L foot, 3 3-turns to finish on LBI
  • Step RBI
  • LBO
  • R cross (to RBI)
  • RBI counter to RFI
  • L choctaw (turn R shoulder anticlockwise into it) to LBO
  • While backward, cross R over L
  • LFI into bracket to LBO
  • Step onto RBI
  • LFO
  • Double time chassis (i.e. RFI briefly then back to LFO)
  • RFI into rocker to RBI
  • Step onto flat LF (while keeping body facing backward)
  • RB flat (while keeping body facing backward)
  • Cross LB over
  • RFI
  • (Still need a few steps – perhaps a turn on L foot, as most turns are on R?)

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