Field moves lesson with coach D


RFI twizzle:

  • Start with R arm back, left arm forwards
  • Bring arms and shoulders to in front of R hip (although teaching ‘normal’ people, get them to aim for shoulders over hips and hands in front of belly button)
  • Bring L leg in and transfer weight to R hip


Part 1 – quick turns

  • RFI start
  • RFI-RBO 3-turn
  • Change of edge
  • RBI-RFO 3-turn
  • Step onto LFO sequence
  • Step onto RFI
  • LFI sequence
  • RFO sequence

Bend knees after change of edge so that the second turn is on the peak of the semi-circle.

Part 2 – choctaws

  • Keep shoulders level. E.g. from L back to R forward, keep R shoulder and hip up (to get them level)
  • Once I’ve mastered keeping the shoulders level, then think about more knee bend