New stuff


From the camel, allow the upper body to come upright a little and drop the bum down a bit while at the same time swinging the R leg around.

I was swinging the R leg around without allowing the body to come upright.


Need a pivot for my Level 4 Elements test for a simple sequence.  The sequence requires two things in combination, but coach has given me 3 things.  Cleverly, that means that should one thing be a bit wobbly, the other two will still count.

Sequence is:

  • Crossovers into back camel on RBO
  • Cross roll, i.e. put L foot behind R foot (onto LBI?)
  • Cross R over L to end up on RBI
  • Back outside 3-turn from RBI onto RFO
  • Step L foot forward and go into a drag (with R foot behind)
  • Step onto inside 3-turn on R foot (i.e. RFI to RBO)
  • Then pivot with L toe in ice

Pivot pointers:

  • Imagine holding a hockey stick between the hands – in order to keep my hands and shoulders level
  • But then ‘let go’ of the hockey stick so that my hands are flat rather than ugly fists!
  • Lock knees at 90 degrees
  • Push L toe further into the circle
  • Gently place L toe into the ice, keeping shoulders and arms level