Coach says that my basic technique on the drill (i.e. jump into crossed position) is OK. I just need to add a little height but stay crossed.

It helps when I keep my head to the R not only before the take off but also during the jump itself as well (and of course it needs to be on the R side as the head is supposed to be looking over the R arm on landing).


  • Shoulders – i.e. R shoulder forward, L back
  • Head – i.e. on LFO, make sure head is looking forward/slightly to the R
  • Edge – i.e. hold the LBO and allow it to curve to the left rather than being too straight
  • Head – i.e. keep the head over the R
  • Cross/pull – i.e. cross the feet and pull the arms to the R side

SIT SPINS (both forward and back sit)

Better position when I keep the shoulders down and tighten the upper back (i.e. stick the chest out).  Also, keep the body position “tight”, i.e. try to minimise the gap between my shoulders and knees.


I had better entries when:

a) I wind up thinking about L arm forward and R arm back

b) I stepped onto a proper LFO – i.e. an outside edge as opposed to my sometimes flattish edge


Drill: LBI spiral, then bend the R knee so that the heel goes toward the body – but keep the knee high so that the foot stays level.  (When I let the knee drop, then the foot goes higher to compensate and I can’t find my foot with my L hand then)

Home drill: do “scorpion kicks” – i.e. both hands on a step so back is flat.  Then kick the R leg in a circle until it’s over the L side.  And vice versa with L leg.

Catch foot camel itself: tighten the L side of my body and simply keep the L arm down by my side.  Should be able to put my hand on my boot, and then grab the blade.  Shouldn’t need to fish around for the foot.  And don’t reach for the blade (as this puts me on too sharp a LBI edge).  Use the glutes to push the foot and blade toward the hand.


Wednesday practice


  1. Back-sit spin
  2. Flex the L shin to point toe up; grab L boot
  3. Stand up
  4. As I stand up, bend the L toe in (so my L heel is tucked just under my crotch) and reach the R arm up – into a new upright position.

Et voila – a back sit into back upright combination!