Coach B on jumps

Coach B got me landing double Salchow back in February.  So worth paying attention.


Tips from coach:

CHECK THE R SHOULDER IS BACK (after the 3-turn).

KICK THE R LEG HIGHER into the air.

SQUEEZE THIGHS TOGETHER – as I’m crossing my ankles but not my knees.  “Imagine you’re holding a fiver in between your thighs,” he said.

BRING R ARM IN AT SAME TIME AS R LEG.  Woman coach said the same thing just yesterday.

So new checklist:

  • Shoulder – i.e. L shoulder
  • 3-turn
  • Pause – and check R shoulder is back
  • Jump forward / kick higher
  • (Rotate around R axis), knee in, toe down


Coach B taught me a 5-count process for toe loop:

  1. Step onto LFO
  2. Clap hands in front of body (i.e. hands are vertical, arms straight)
  3. 3-turn and at the same time, the R arm goes back (but goes under, i.e. brush the hand past the body rather than going around)
  4. Step onto RBO
  5. Stretch – and overstretch – L toe goes in – “toe and go” jump

Trying it just a half-dozen times already sets me up much more naturally for a toe loop-back spin.  So I really like this!


Really liking the drill that woman coach gave me yesterday: RB0 double 3-turn (sets my shoulders up and keeps me on my R axis) and then into loop – I’m definitely getting 1.25 or 1.5 rotation.