Lesson – 11th June 2018

Coach J.


My weight wasn’t on the correct part of the blade, so advice is to arch my back. This helped me to spin in a more stable position.

  • Go into spin as normal
  • Once in position, arch the back and imagine pushing middle of sternum towards the ice


Straighten the skating leg – both on forward camel and back camel. Allow the foot to go slightly forwards of the body so the angle (to free leg) is greater than 90 degrees.


To get more height, also kick the free leg further back. So:

  • Step forwards on RFO and kick the L leg further back along with arms
  • Kick L leg further forwards and up – imagine trying to jump on the saddle of a horse


My set-up for the jump is OK, so the first two steps are the same:

  • Bend/push on to RFO
  • Connect (after 3-turn)
  • On jump, kick the L leg further forwards and up – imagine kicking a football with the shin


Tighten abs during the jump. But tighten abs before starting the back crosses.

In fact, tighten abs on all jumps!




Push onto the LFO – coach said I had more speed and coverage. So:

  • Push (bend the L knee) on RFO
  • Connect
  • Toe
  • Forward
  • Pull in tight for longer – it helped me to speed the rotation and it looked cleaner as a jump

SIT SPIN (and all spins, really)

Do a tighter half-circle on the LFO. So if I’m facing north as I step, try to wait until I’m facing south before allowing the spin to happen.

Also helped on some camel spins.


During the back spin, come up on the R knee and then hop.

After the hop, stay up for a fraction of a second before descending back into the back sit position.


My exit position was a bit ungainly. Coach L suggested coming up on the R knee while keeping the L foot in the sit position and then taking the free leg back.

Also need to think about keeping the L leg straight rather than breaking at the knee.

Get EDGE PRESSURE on camels!


Need more edge pressure! Even though I was saying it to myself over and over, I wasn’t actually implementing it. Need to be more mindful of this one thing. New acronym FERB seems to work well though. And then need to turn out the R hip afterwards. So:

  • Forward – with the L arm – let it (and the edge?) go forwards a bit rather than trying to throw it to the L too quickly
  • Edge pressure – bend the knee until the blade hits the toe pick
  • Round – sweep the L arm around the body
  • Behind – clasp both hands behind the body
  • Turn out the R hip – this helped me to keep the spinning circle quite small AND helped me to keep spinning and spinning. This really helped!


  • Keep the body strong (i.e. avoid dipping the upper body and bouncing up and down) – go down smoothly
  • Point toe out – this is both more aesthetic and seems to help me to keep the L leg straight!


Start bending the L knee sooner (i.e. on the LFO rather than waiting until I have hit the toe and switched to a LBO edge). No pause. Seemed to work. It almost felt as if I was collapsing into the spin – but it did help me to get down into position more quickly.


Not having worked on the Axel for months due to my posterior tibialis injury and rehab, my Axel had deteriorated a little. However, coach started to help me fix it. Immediately, I’m not putting my free foot down.

  • Jump forward – aim to get upper body over the R knee
  • Push L arm forwards/out of the circle