Level 3 Elements

In order:

  • Skate from judge up the rink and then back down to halfway point (along the same side as the judge) to do a counterclockwise circle of CROSSOVERS (R over L).  Then a clockwise circle of crossovers (L over R).  Mohawk to backwards then counterclockwise (LBI over RBO) and finally clockwise RBI over LBO – LARGE CIRCLES WITH SPEED
  • End crossovers by pushing out onto RBO landing position
  • L 3-turn, one cross over then LOOP
  • Turn to forward, skate up the rink then back down (counterclockwise) to do FLIP
  • Skate up the rink and then back down (counterclockwise) to do FLIP, TOE LOOP
  • Crossovers to wind up into CAMEL – remember to keep looking over L shoulder/chin on L shoulder
  • Skate up the rink then back down (as a breather) then do BACK SPIN
  • Finally, go to bottom of rink to do step sequence.

NEW straight line STEP SEQUENCE

  • Start on L foot now!
  • LFI 3-turn, LBO 3-turn back to LFI
  • Step briefly onto R foot then step onto L foot (pushing with R ball of foot rather than toe)
  • LFO 3-turn and LBI 3-turn
  • (Then rest of step sequence as before, i.e.)
  • R swing rocker to RBO
  • Cross L over R
  • LBI bracket to LFO
  • etc

Passed tests!

Passed tests for Level 1, 2 and 3 Free (Programme). So that’s my 1 minute 30 programme done.  Now to move onto a full two minutes – a whole extra 30 seconds to play with!

Coach had a good suggestion.  When practising my programme, I should do a 2 to 3 minute warm up and then go STRAIGHT into my programme.  That way I get more used to having to do my programme with only minimal warm-up.


The checklist is now:

  • Upright
  • Shoulder – i.e. check that the L shoulder is forward
  • Shoulder – i.e. this ‘shoulder’ is after the 3-turn
  • Shoulder – think about keeping the L shoulder forward and DOWN.  This seemed to keep my shoulders level better than when I thought ‘level’ and was trying to curl the arms in.

Doing this, I landed a few double salchows to forward without having to strain.

So now think, ‘upright, shoulder, shoulder, shoulder’