Lesson – 4th October 2017


After the 3-turn (i.e. after ‘connect’), coach wanted me to accelerate bringing the R leg and arm through. So:

  • Bend/push – coach wants me to bend and push with more speed
  • Connect
  • Bring R arm/leg around more quickly
  • Toe
  • Pull arms in and cross the knees more tightly


Coach wants me to enter the spin with more speed. So:

  • RFI 3-turn and bend
  • Step onto LFO with more speed
  • Still allow the L arm to go around more slowly (i.e. don’t rush the L arm)

Then on the change:

  • Keep the head lifted up (and only a little to the R). Keeping the head lifted helped me to do good, strong back camels


In order to travel less:

  • Bend at the L ankle so that I can press the ball of the foot into the ice – this helped me to centre a bit better

New stuff


Starting with a “hopping upright spin”:

  • Back cross over
  • Step onto LFO edge with more knee bend
  • Point the R foot out and R toe up
  • Wait until L blade changes from forwards to backwards (i.e. feel the change from middle of blade to ball) then hop off toe pick while R foot goes up
  • Arms: think L arm pulling a vertical rope down; think R arm comes up at same time as R foot


Different way to do a single salchow. Need to get the “crunch” on the R foot consistently. Then can try this as a double:

  • Strong RFO edge
  • Mohawk to LBI – but keep the R heel down so I get a “crunch” sound on the R foot
  • LBI into salchow


Two new ways to transition into an Axel.

  1. RFI bracket (to LBO edge). Wait until L shoulder is forwards for take off
  2. (NEW as of today:) RFI counter (to LBI edge); change of edge to LBO – but keep the L knee and hip open

These are both fun and I get more rotation – past 1/4 under and often fully rotated.



Bit of an epiphany about keeping my L shoulder forward. So:

  • Shoulder – keep L shoulder forward and keep it forward – I feel a tension in the back of the shoulder blade throughout the jump
  • Head – i.e. neutral/right head position
  • Edge – i.e. allow the LBI edge to develop
  • Toe – take off from the L toe
  • Kick/look – kick the R knee up while looking forward
  • Under – get the R foot under the L foot


Lift the R foot and keep the R foot by the L knee while spinning.  This helped me to be much more centred (probably because my R hip was therefore much higher).

Once I’ve ensured the R foot is by the L knee, then watch the hands and keep them level as I pull in.


Lesson with Coach A today.

Double Salchow (drill)

Helped when I focused on:

  • Toe – i.e. taking off from the L toe
  • R side – i.e. focusing on getting my weight transfer to my R side
  • Foot under – i.e. pushing the R foot under the L foot

This seemed to make me fairly stable and I rotated quite quickly.

The key will be trying to get the foot under (i.e. crossing) while IN THE AIR rather than landing and then crossing.

Camel-sit spin

Getting into camel: focus on R OUTSIDE EDGE

Transition into sit: bring the L arm forward; then allow the body to come a little upright before bringing the R arm around and forward to balance out the R leg.

Spin exits (in general)

My landing position has been a bit twisted, with the L leg too far behind the body.  The L leg needs to be out to the side more and further up.

Back spin exit

Coach noticed that, when I’m exiting my back upright, I almost seem to be stopping on the spot before exiting.

Instead, think about allowing the RBO circle to widen and then push the L leg back while keeping the body upright.