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Lesson – 31st August 2016


I was rotating a bit too quickly. Need to drive leg and arms forwards more before turning in. And punch arms out more quickly after landing.

  • RFI counter
  • Change to RFO edge
  • Bend R knee (i.e. will still on RFO)
  • Step/bend on L knee
  • Kick R knee up + launch arms in direction of travel (and let the foot and arms go a bit further in terms of length…)
  • …turn R knee in


Got better rotation by bending at the L ankle before take-off. During lesson, after lesson and on Friday, I continued to get good rotation, landing a couple of 1/4-under double Sals.

  • F l o w . . .
  • Bend R knee (as stepping onto RFO)
  • (3-turn)
  • Connect
  • Bend (at ankle)
  • Forwards
  • Turn in


During lesson and after, I got better rotation (landing to 1/4-under!) by focusing on twisting R shoulder back. Therefore:

  • Twist (i.e. sway) – focusing on R shoulder going quite a way back and around
  • Ball of foot for longer
  • Forwards – this really helps me to get that extra quarter rotation
  • Pull in


Think of the timing as a one-foot Salchow, but jumping on the spot rather than travelling. And bring R foot around to forwards on the (small) jump.


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