Lesson – 11th June 2018

Coach J.


My weight wasn’t on the correct part of the blade, so advice is to arch my back. This helped me to spin in a more stable position.

  • Go into spin as normal
  • Once in position, arch the back and imagine pushing middle of sternum towards the ice


Straighten the skating leg – both on forward camel and back camel. Allow the foot to go slightly forwards of the body so the angle (to free leg) is greater than 90 degrees.


To get more height, also kick the free leg further back. So:

  • Step forwards on RFO and kick the L leg further back along with arms
  • Kick L leg further forwards and up – imagine trying to jump on the saddle of a horse


My set-up for the jump is OK, so the first two steps are the same:

  • Bend/push on to RFO
  • Connect (after 3-turn)
  • On jump, kick the L leg further forwards and up – imagine kicking a football with the shin


Tighten abs during the jump. But tighten abs before starting the back crosses.

In fact, tighten abs on all jumps!


New stuff


Starting with a “hopping upright spin”:

  • Back cross over
  • Step onto LFO edge with more knee bend
  • Point the R foot out and R toe up
  • Wait until L blade changes from forwards to backwards (i.e. feel the change from middle of blade to ball) then hop off toe pick while R foot goes up
  • Arms: think L arm pulling a vertical rope down; think R arm comes up at same time as R foot


Different way to do a single salchow. Need to get the “crunch” on the R foot consistently. Then can try this as a double:

  • Strong RFO edge
  • Mohawk to LBI – but keep the R heel down so I get a “crunch” sound on the R foot
  • LBI into salchow


Two new ways to transition into an Axel.

  1. RFI bracket (to LBO edge). Wait until L shoulder is forwards for take off
  2. (NEW as of today:) RFI counter (to LBI edge); change of edge to LBO – but keep the L knee and hip open

These are both fun and I get more rotation – past 1/4 under and often fully rotated.