Lesson – 11th June 2018

Coach J.


My weight wasn’t on the correct part of the blade, so advice is to arch my back. This helped me to spin in a more stable position.

  • Go into spin as normal
  • Once in position, arch the back and imagine pushing middle of sternum towards the ice


Straighten the skating leg – both on forward camel and back camel. Allow the foot to go slightly forwards of the body so the angle (to free leg) is greater than 90 degrees.


To get more height, also kick the free leg further back. So:

  • Step forwards on RFO and kick the L leg further back along with arms
  • Kick L leg further forwards and up – imagine trying to jump on the saddle of a horse


My set-up for the jump is OK, so the first two steps are the same:

  • Bend/push on to RFO
  • Connect (after 3-turn)
  • On jump, kick the L leg further forwards and up – imagine kicking a football with the shin


Tighten abs during the jump. But tighten abs before starting the back crosses.

In fact, tighten abs on all jumps!


Lesson – 4th June 2018

Coach L away so much. First lesson with coach J.


(On anti-clockwise crossovers,) when on the R back outside edge, step wider into the circle, with the R knee further into the circle than the foot.


Aim is to “break down” the axel in order to build it back up again.

Was told I don’t get much height on my axel (true). So working on a bigger 3-jump. Aim to launch my R leg forwards and up as if I’m trying to jump onto the saddle of a horse.

Do 3-jump, land, into a second large 3-jump.

Then try 3-jump, straight into axel.

Lesson – 27th April 2018


I need to do the turn on the ice more quickly. So still the same actions, but with the turn/jump part more quickly.

  • Bend (i.e. push onto LFO)
  • Connect
  • Round – hook more quickly
  • Forwards
  • Pull in to R side and keep the arms in – the arms will naturally go out after I’ve landed


Need to keep my back straight (as I tend to dip forwards before take off). Combine that with allowing the L shoulder to turn more before/during take off.

Also try to turn the R hip on take off / in the air.

  • Straight (back)
  • Round (i.e. allow L shoulder to go around during take off)
  • Turn R hip
  • Pull to R


  • Put L foot down with L calf touching R calf
  • When in position, then straighten legs – stand up taller
  • Exit by putting L foot down on LFI

Lesson – 14th April 2018


The checklist remains the same. The issue is that I’m rarely actually enacting it.

  • Bend
  • Connect
  • Forwards – this is one bit I’m not consistently doing
  • Pull/twist – and keep the arms in until I land. I did this on one jump and it definitely felt like I rotated more quickly in the air!


Coach wants me to let the L shoulder go around a bit while I’m on the RBO edge. And only then to snap into in-air position. Also, to think about allowing the R hip to rotate inwards longer on the ice. Allowing the L shoulder go go further around helped me to stay more over my R side – felt better. So:

  • R arm all the way back; L arm in front of belly button
  • Ace of spades
  • Allow the L arm to go around a little more
  • Take off while allowing R hip to turn inwards more
  • Pull/twist in to R side


I’m trying to switch to RFI 3-turn entry (which saves considerable time compared with the entry from back crossovers).

Coach’s instruction:

  • Bend the knees (after the RFI 3-turn)
  • Bring legs together before stepping on LFO edge


Worked this one out on my own. I know that in theory, I’m supposed to jump off the toe. But when I think “toe toe” I have a better chance of both taking off from L toe (and therefore getting more height) and landing on the R toe.

  • Bend
  • Bend
  • Arms
  • Toe-toe
  • Pull – punch those arms into my R side – really punch ’em!

Lesson – 16th March 2018


Getting good rotation generally. But coach added a few pointers. So:

  • Bend – i.e. on RBO
  • Bend – i.e. on LBI
  • Arms (back)
  • Toe
  • Knee up – to get height
  • (Bring arms up to near chest and not too far away from body)
  • Punch self on R pec!
  • Twist hips anti-clockwise in / cross ankles



I had been doing:

  • Bend (on LFO)
  • Connect
  • Toe
  • Forwards

Coach suggested I focus on press of L ball of foot into boot / into ice. So now:

  • Press (same as before – on LFO)
  • Press (same as before – feeling the weight on L ball of foot)
  • Press – keep weight over L ball of foot – feel the press of L ball of foot – rather than allowing weight to go in between both legs
  • Punch self on R pec!
  • Twist hips / cross ankles



  • Keep head up (looking at hand rail around the rink)
  • Bend / keep weight over the L foot (as I had previously been a bit far back) – this helps to avoid skidding on the entry!


Lesson – 18th December


Pull arms in over R side – aim for that twisted body position.


  • Bend (RBO edge, i.e. before stepping onto L foot)
  • Bend
  • Arms
  • Toe
  • Pull/R side


On the change (i.e. at the moment the L blade pushes off the ice), take the R arm back

  • Flex L ankle on change (so as to avoid the toe pick of L blade when pushing up)
  • Take R arm back (to 5 o’clock)
  • Keep the R knee bent for longer
  • Open L hip and bring the L leg behind the body / to the right side more


Practising this on my own, I realised that I got better rotation by jumping forwards (which I had been forgetting to do). So:

  • Bend
  • Bend
  • Connect (L hamstring back)
  • Round, i.e. bring R arm around at same time as R leg)
  • Forwards
  • Pull in to R side

Lesson 27th November


BEFORE DOING DOUBLE SALCHOWS, do multiple backspin drills!

Do single salchow, turn in, back spin drills – focus on turning the foot in. TURN IN!


Do single loop, back spin drills. Points:

  • Stand tall (as I was previously learning forwards slightly)
  • Gradually build up speed – start slowly! Build confidence and technique first


Generally slow down the change, plus:

  • Flex L ankle on change (so as to avoid the toe pick of L blade when pushing up)
  • Keep the R knee bent for longer
  • Open L hip and bring the L leg behind the body / to the right side more

Lesson – 4th October 2017


After the 3-turn (i.e. after ‘connect’), coach wanted me to accelerate bringing the R leg and arm through. So:

  • Bend/push – coach wants me to bend and push with more speed
  • Connect
  • Bring R arm/leg around more quickly
  • Toe
  • Pull arms in and cross the knees more tightly


Coach wants me to enter the spin with more speed. So:

  • RFI 3-turn and bend
  • Step onto LFO with more speed
  • Still allow the L arm to go around more slowly (i.e. don’t rush the L arm)

Then on the change:

  • Keep the head lifted up (and only a little to the R). Keeping the head lifted helped me to do good, strong back camels


In order to travel less:

  • Bend at the L ankle so that I can press the ball of the foot into the ice – this helped me to centre a bit better

Lesson 27th September


  • Hop to get warm
  • Walking lunges
  • Hamstring stretch: squat and grab toes, then straighten knees to stretch hamstrings
  • Lunge and twist upper body


  • Start doing a normal back spin
  • Bend the R ankle
  • Circle the L leg behind the R
  • Open the knees; bend L amkle (so the L flat/heel of blade goes down)


  • On the change, keep the R knee bent for a bit longer – allow the L leg to go behind and into position before rising up on R knee completely.
  • Then lift chin up to the R – to get a stretch in the body


  • Keep leading shoulder and arm down – or try keeping back arm and side lifted
  • Sweep feet in a circle
  • Bend knee immediately on contact with ice

Camel spins


Great camel spins on Monday:

  • Bend
  • Chin
  • Chest to L of L leg


Coach L taught me variation on the back camel:

  • Bend L knee
  • Twist upper body – R shoulder down and L shoulder up
  • Move L arm under the body

The key to staying in position is to focus throughout on staying on the same blade position.