Got better rotation on Monday. Today (Wednesday), landed several 1/4-under double loops. Pulling in helps me to get faster rotation.

  • Twist (i.e. twist upper body clockwise)
  • Toe
  • Forwards
  • Pull


A bit inconsistent today. But it seemed to help when I looked at my L hand and followed it around. So:

  • Look at L hand
  • Diagonal
  • Twisty feeling in upper body???

Mostly jumps


Coach L identified I was jumping too much “into the circle” – or at least my R leg was going into the circle rather than straight out.

  • Bend
  • Arms back
  • Toe (i.e. take off from L toe)
  • Arms forward/R leg forwards


Coach asked me what I felt in the air. I didn’t really have a sensation I was aiming for. So he taught me to jump my R side forwards (towards the glass).

  • Bend
  • Connect
  • Toe/ankle (i.e. take off from R ankle – push up into the air)
  • Forwards/gather – i.e. aim R side forwards (towards the glass) and then gather the arms and R side in over the R axis


Similar technique to double Salchow seemed to help me to get my knees tighter in the air.

  • Twist – i.e. twist upper body clockwise
  • Toe – take off from toe
  • Forwards/gather – BUT make sure my L arm does not go out too much – L arm needs to stay close to the body


Put R little toe down – it helped me to centre my back camel!

  • Keep head up
  • (Avoid dipping the body down on the change)
  • Bring L arm forwards
  • Put R foot (R pinkie!) down
  • (Then stay slightly forwards on the blade – bottom toe pick)


Keep the free (L) leg straight from earlier on – rather thant trying to straighten it once in the spin

Lesson on 3rd March


  • Bend R knee (i.e. while on RBO, immediately stepping – in order to get the L knee lower)
  • Arms back
  • Jump off toe
  • Arms forward/outside – i.e. to R side of body



  • Bend
  • Connect
  • Ankle
  • Forward
  • Arms on R side


  • On the change, keep eyes up – looking at the handrail
  • On the change, take L arm across
  • Aim to be pigeon toed (i.e. R toe pointing in)
  • On LBO, aim to be on the bottom toe pick – don’t allow weight to go too far back on blade


  • LBO a semi-circle
  • Take off from the toe – and kick the R leg straight
  • Keep the L leg straight in the air too

Keeping each leg straight helped to keep the flying much tidier – better!

Lesson and group lesson


Slight tweaks. Diagonal with the L arm (so more in front of the R shoulder rather than in front of L). And focus earlier on the hip turn out.

  • Diagonal with L arm
  • Turn out R hip
  • Edge pressure
  • Toe, then arm goes around
  • Arms behind back


  • Pigeon toe on the step onto RBO
  • At the same time: L shoulder and arm come forwards
  • Then L arm goes back behind back


(Did the group lesson and got some great edgework tips from coach L!)

Push leg out.

On outside edge, open up the knee

Move not the shoulders but the shoulder blades instead


Bend the skating knee before stepping onto the other foot to change. That way, I get more knee bend and more power.


After the change of foot, push the free foot into the circle. Gets more speed.



Allow the toe pick to go into the ice (to turn to LBI) before allowing the L arm to go around

  • Forward with L arm
  • Edge pressure
  • Toe, then arm goes around
  • Arms behind back
  • Turn out R hip


Keep the head weight forwards on the change – it means I wobble less.


  • Keep weight over the R side as I step onto the RFI
  • Keep L foot down, knee straight and L hip open on entry (to try to get the correct leg position – rather than trying to correct it after a couple of revolutions)


Try bending the L knee and turning the body up (i.e. L shoulder and arm up; R arm down). I go faster when I do this – and it would get me a level.

Get EDGE PRESSURE on camels!


Need more edge pressure! Even though I was saying it to myself over and over, I wasn’t actually implementing it. Need to be more mindful of this one thing. New acronym FERB seems to work well though. And then need to turn out the R hip afterwards. So:

  • Forward – with the L arm – let it (and the edge?) go forwards a bit rather than trying to throw it to the L too quickly
  • Edge pressure – bend the knee until the blade hits the toe pick
  • Round – sweep the L arm around the body
  • Behind – clasp both hands behind the body
  • Turn out the R hip – this helped me to keep the spinning circle quite small AND helped me to keep spinning and spinning. This really helped!


  • Keep the body strong (i.e. avoid dipping the upper body and bouncing up and down) – go down smoothly
  • Point toe out – this is both more aesthetic and seems to help me to keep the L leg straight!


Start bending the L knee sooner (i.e. on the LFO rather than waiting until I have hit the toe and switched to a LBO edge). No pause. Seemed to work. It almost felt as if I was collapsing into the spin – but it did help me to get down into position more quickly.


Not having worked on the Axel for months due to my posterior tibialis injury and rehab, my Axel had deteriorated a little. However, coach started to help me fix it. Immediately, I’m not putting my free foot down.

  • Jump forward – aim to get upper body over the R knee
  • Push L arm forwards/out of the circle

Spin lesson


  • Stretch L arm (as I was swiping the L arm sideways too quickly)
  • Straighten R leg
  • LFO edge pressure – listen for the crunch! This really helped!


  • Go into the back camel on a flatter RBI (as I was going around in too large a circle) – this alone was really helpful
  • Keep L foot close to ice
  • Clasp hands behind back (to make it look neater)


  • Bring the R foot around (rather than underneath the body)
  • And go down into the sit spin position much more quickly (as coach L videoed me and I was taking about 2 revs to get into lowest position)


  • On the change, keep head forwards and down (think “nodding as if I’m falling asleep and my chin is dropping to my chest”) on the change from camel to sit position


  • Jump then turn R hip and R foot in
  • Also keep weight over the R side




  • Keep head/chest up
  • Keep L foot close to ice
  • Stay down in R knee until free leg hits 9 o’clock; at 9 o’clock, the L arm also starts to go back
  • Keep the L side stretched and the head to the R side – this really helped to keep me on the correct edge and do a good number of revolutions


Think Salchow take off!

  • RFO for half a circle, then hop off toe (like a Salchow)
  • Bring R foot around
  • Land on L toe – really important to avoid skidding


(A drill for preparing to learn the death drop)

  • Do a normal forward sit spin
  • Then hop into the air
  • Turn the L leg out (i.e. into usual back sit position)
  • Land on the R foot in a sit spin

Back inside counters

(Coach D gave these to me, as I have a RBI counter in my step sequence).

  • RFI
  • Mohawk to LBI
  • RBI
  • Shoulders to R
  • Rise up on knee, shoulders facing down the rink – neutral shoulders
  • Counter to RFI (while shoulders go back to R)
  • And repeat

Repeat on other leg

  • LFI
  • Mohawk to RBI
  • LFI
  • Shoulders to L
  • Etc.

Level 5 programme


N, E, S, W

  • Start middle of rink and facing judge (E)
  • R toe pivot, i.e. L foot goes backwards. Turn 270 degrees
  • L foot 3-turns to forwards, continues around anti-clockwise until facing N before going in a circle to clockwise
  • Keep pivoting clockwise until facing N
  • Step flat RB
  • Flat LB
  • Cross R over L to RBI
  • LFI bracket to LBO
  • RBI
  • Hop to LBI
  • Step RF flat up to N
  • L 3-turn to LBO
  • Both feet on ice by putting RBO
  • Cross RB over LB
  • LFO
  • RFO counter towards S
  • Change B edge
  • Axel
  • Land and immediately cross LB under RB
  • Cross LB under RB again (towards S rather than SW)
  • LFO
  • Cross RFI
  • LFO
  • RFI spiral (just for a few metres past judge – but not too close to judge)
  • Near judge, bring L foot through into choctaw
  • Cross RBI
  • LFO 3-turn
  • Back cross
  • Back cross (to gain speed)
  • Double Salchow
  • L 3-turn
  • Back cross overs to N
  • Inside RFI 3-turn
  • Hop
  • Inside RFI 3-turn into sit spin
  • Change foot to R back sit
  • Glide backward to N wall
  • Pause
  • Into step sequence…


Complete sequence:

  • (Not enough time for 3 turns on one foot)
  • Start bottom corner of rink (by fire exit), doing back cross overs clockwise, i.e. crossing R over L
  • Bend knee into LBO counter
  • LFO rocker
  • LBO counter
  • LFO into
  • 3 jump (land with L leg in landing position as usual)
  • RBO 3-turn
  • Put L left down into spread eagle
  • Allow spread eagle to turn me
  • RBI
  • LFO
  • (LFO rocker, counter, rocker WOULD have gone here if enough time)
  • RFI down rink into rocker
  • After rocker (i.e. now on RBI), put L foot down in front of R foot; open R shoulder to turn toward judge’s side of rink
  • Bend R foot, step onto L
  • RFI twizzle two and a half times (to backwards) note on twizzle to allow the foot to glide forward across the ice on the forward part of the twizze
  • L toe, R toe (while turning), cross L over R while backwards
  • Step RFO
  • L cross roll
  • Now on L foot, 3 3-turns to finish on LBI
  • Step RBI
  • LBO
  • R cross (to RBI)
  • RBI counter to RFI
  • L choctaw (turn R shoulder anticlockwise into it) to LBO
  • While backward, cross R over L
  • LFI into bracket to LBO
  • Step onto RBI
  • LFO
  • Double time chassis (i.e. RFI briefly then back to LFO)
  • LFO into rocker to LBO
  • R cross
  • Step onto flat LF (while keeping body facing backward)
  • RB flat (while keeping body facing backward)
  • Cross LB over
  • RFO
  • Cross L under
  • Step R into RFI twizzle, finishing on RBO
  • END