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Push onto the LFO – coach said I had more speed and coverage. So:

  • Push (bend the L knee) on RFO
  • Connect
  • Toe
  • Forward
  • Pull in tight for longer – it helped me to speed the rotation and it looked cleaner as a jump

SIT SPIN (and all spins, really)

Do a tighter half-circle on the LFO. So if I’m facing north as I step, try to wait until I’m facing south before allowing the spin to happen.

Also helped on some camel spins.


During the back spin, come up on the R knee and then hop.

After the hop, stay up for a fraction of a second before descending back into the back sit position.


My exit position was a bit ungainly. Coach L suggested coming up on the R knee while keeping the L foot in the sit position and then taking the free leg back.

Also need to think about keeping the L leg straight rather than breaking at the knee.


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