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Mostly jumps


Coach L identified I was jumping too much “into the circle” – or at least my R leg was going into the circle rather than straight out.

  • Bend
  • Arms back
  • Toe (i.e. take off from L toe)
  • Arms forward/R leg forwards


Coach asked me what I felt in the air. I didn’t really have a sensation I was aiming for. So he taught me to jump my R side forwards (towards the glass).

  • Bend
  • Connect
  • Toe/ankle (i.e. take off from R ankle – push up into the air)
  • Forwards/gather – i.e. aim R side forwards (towards the glass) and then gather the arms and R side in over the R axis


Similar technique to double Salchow seemed to help me to get my knees tighter in the air.

  • Twist – i.e. twist upper body clockwise
  • Toe – take off from toe
  • Forwards/gather – BUT make sure my L arm does not go out too much – L arm needs to stay close to the body


Put R little toe down – it helped me to centre my back camel!

  • Keep head up
  • (Avoid dipping the body down on the change)
  • Bring L arm forwards
  • Put R foot (R pinkie!) down
  • (Then stay slightly forwards on the blade – bottom toe pick)


Keep the free (L) leg straight from earlier on – rather thant trying to straighten it once in the spin


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