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Lesson and group lesson


Slight tweaks. Diagonal with the L arm (so more in front of the R shoulder rather than in front of L). And focus earlier on the hip turn out.

  • Diagonal with L arm
  • Turn out R hip
  • Edge pressure
  • Toe, then arm goes around
  • Arms behind back


  • Pigeon toe on the step onto RBO
  • At the same time: L shoulder and arm come forwards
  • Then L arm goes back behind back


(Did the group lesson and got some great edgework tips from coach L!)

Push leg out.

On outside edge, open up the knee

Move not the shoulders but the shoulder blades instead


Bend the skating knee before stepping onto the other foot to change. That way, I get more knee bend and more power.


After the change of foot, push the free foot into the circle. Gets more speed.


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