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(From RI counter, change of edge) Keep an active knee: step onto L foot and keep going down before jumping up. I was a bit static on the L foot.

Also, think about pulling L arm in to R shoulder.


Bend R knee on 3-turn before the salchow. This immediately helped me to get more height on the jump.

Also, aim for more flow from R step forwards into 3-turn. Landed several 1/4 underrotated.


  • F l o w . . .
  • Bend R knee (as stepping onto RFO)
  • (3-turn)
  • Connect
  • Bend
  • Arms IN


Remember the Ace of Spades twist beforehand.

Also, I was tending to scrape the ice with my toe pick long before take-off. So aim to stay on ball of foot for longer, THEN go off the toe.

  • (Clockwise) Sway
  • Ball of foot (for longer)
  • Forwards
  • Toe


Remember to dip the body over the R side on entry.

Bring L arm around at same time as L leg (i.e. bring arm around a bit earlier).

Keep L foot turned out (as it was a bit dropped down towards ice during lesson).


Coach has set me a challenge:

  • Camel (4 revolutions), sit (4 revs), upright (4 revs)

And, separately:

  • Back camel (4 revs), back sit (4 revs), upright (4 revs)

I can already sometimes do it. Just need to work on consistency.


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