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Working towards a double flip.


  • Half flip – i.e. take off as flip, but only a 1/2 rotation to land forwards on R foot
  • Immediately put L foot down
  • Push off R foot into…
  • One-and-a-half flip, i.e. rotate 1 and 1/2

Teaching points:

  • Take off half flip and one-and-a-half flip with R arm far back – imagine that I’m hugging a redwood treet on my R side
  • Pull arms in to R side


I’m bending on the 3-turn, but not bending from the LBI edge – and that’s where I need to be bending.


  • (3-turn)
  • Bend – this is the critical bit I’m not doing!
  • Forwards
  • Knee
  • Toe
  • Pull/twist – i.e. pull to R side


Three mistakes/things I need to do:

  • I was winding my upper body but forgetting to wind the legs. Think ‘sway’ from now on.
  • I need to get further towards forwards before taking off
  • I’m usually not activating the ankle/toe to take off and get that extra bit of height

Therefore checklist:

  • Sway – i.e. turn upper body clockwise while also allowing R foot to go onto inside edge before going strongly back onto the outside edge
  • (Feet) – (feet crossed, although I do this all the time automatically now, hence the brackets around this)
  • Forwards – jump forwards
  • Ankle/toe – to get that height
  • Pull

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