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New stuff


Starting with a “hopping upright spin”:

  • Back cross over
  • Step onto LFO edge with more knee bend
  • Point the R foot out and R toe up
  • Wait until L blade changes from forwards to backwards (i.e. feel the change from middle of blade to ball) then hop off toe pick while R foot goes up
  • Arms: think L arm pulling a vertical rope down; think R arm comes up at same time as R foot


Different way to do a single salchow. Need to get the “crunch” on the R foot consistently. Then can try this as a double:

  • Strong RFO edge
  • Mohawk to LBI – but keep the R heel down so I get a “crunch” sound on the R foot
  • LBI into salchow


Two new ways to transition into an Axel.

  1. RFI bracket (to LBO edge). Wait until L shoulder is forwards for take off
  2. (NEW as of today:) RFI counter (to LBI edge); change of edge to LBO – but keep the L knee and hip open

These are both fun and I get more rotation – past 1/4 under and often fully rotated.


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