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Landed a couple of clean doubles!

Got more height by thinking about jumping through the ankle.

So checklist is:

  • Wind (i.e. wind in opposite direction)
  • Feet (i.e. L foot is crossed over R foot – both blades on outside edges)
  • Forwards (i.e. wait until rotated forwards before taking off)
  • Ankle/toe – use the ankle to jump off the toe to get that extra bit of height – the first time I did it, I felt scared by the extra height I got, so this works!
  • Pull in – mindfully pull pull pull


Practised one-foot (single) salchows. Think about taking off from forwards – this was helpful!

Checklist for the double:

  • Bend
  • Forwards (i.e. wait until LFI takes me to forwards)
  • Toe – i.e. take off from toe
  • Knee – i.e. kick knee up, but keep R foot closer to body than the knee – this helped me to get an extra 1/4 rotation!
  • Twist/pull – i.e. pull in to R side


Cleaned up my single flip. Practise this cleaner, lighter flip for a while.


  • Tap towards the diagonal (i.e. on the LFI, tap R to change to LFO) – but jump straight
  • Arms – shortly after the tap, reach the R arm forwards, but letting the hand go no further than the L hand
  • Toe pick
  • Allow the L leg to “get out of the way” – my weight should be a little more over my L side than it has been (I tend to be too much on R side)

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