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Feel like I’m making progress.


  • One set of 8 to 10 leg swings (working on hamstrings and quads)
  • One set of 5 side-to-side swings to warm up groin
  • 5 eccentric gastroc (i.e. straight leg) heel drops – to a count of 10 each


Now sometimes landing at around a quarter rotation under – which counts in ISJ!

  • Rotate (i.e. wind upper body and arms clockwise)
  • Feet (i.e. L foot crossed over R throughout the take-off and jump)
  • Jump forward
  • Mindfully pull in – arms and ankles/knees – I need to do this mindfully as I get better rotation when I remember, but usually I’m forgetting to focus on this


Got more height simply by thinking about taking off the toe. That helps me to land to forwards – “only” a half rotation to go.

So perhaps my checklist should be:

  • Bounce (i.e. bend knee before 3-turn, and bend again after 3-turn)
  • Toe (i.e. jump off toe)
  • Wrap (i.e. wrap arms and pull them in)

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