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The camel part is about 75 per cent consistent.  Generally, if I can get into a camel, I can get into the sit.

I span really well when I focused on both chin on L shoulder and keeping R leg behind me / to the left.

So checklist:

  • Leg
  • Wind
  • Look
  • (Keep looking)
  • Step onto outside edge…
  • …while keeping R leg behind me / to the left

Or simply think about keeping the body in a banana shape to the L on stepping into the camel.


Coach showed me a video of my double Sal.  I’m not bending my knee a great deal, hence not getting enough height.

Therefore practise single Salchow with deep knee bend.


  • Shoulder (i.e. L shoulder forward)
  • Wait/edge – i.e. after 3-turn, pause and make sure my weight is into the circle so I’m on a proper inside edge
  • Bend knee
  • Jump high – using arms as well
  • Jump forward – but keeping L shoulder forward
  • Knee in/toe down

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