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Free programme tweaks

Tweaks to free programme:

STARTING POSITION: Go to starting position and raise the arms slowly into position.  Start with assymetric arms.  And a straight L leg.  Weight on the back (R) leg and L toe on the ice.

ADD A MOVE IN BETWEEN LOOP-LOOP AND AXEL: previously, I was doing a crossover after the loop (crossing R over L and pushing off onto RBO in preparation for axel).  Now, I’m adding a mohawk.  So after loop, step onto LFI (LFO?), then mohawk RFI to LBI, step onto RBO into axel.

FINISHING POSITION: previously I had assymetric arms as at the start.  Now, I finish the spin, glide towards judge, skid stop on L foot with both arms going forward.  Then slowly move the R arm in a circle down, back and into position above head.

General point, don’t eat the moves – chew the moves!  In other words, don’t just rush through each move, savour each one.


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