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Seem to be jumping quite consistently thinking about head first.  Rather than doing “edge, edge” though, I’m now just thinking about a longer LBI edge until I feel ready to take off from the toe.


  • Head – i.e. on RBO before the 3-turn, make sure the head is looking over the R
  • Shoulder BLADE – i.e. R shoulder forward, L back and keeping tension in the L shoulder blade
  • Ed-ge – i.e. hold the LBO and allow it to curve to the left rather than being too straight
  • Shoulder/cross/pull – i.e. keep the shoulder blade tension; cross the feet and pull the arms to the R side


I realised I say “look” and I do look over my L shoulder.  But I wasn’t always keeping my head there.  So now think about glueing my chin to my L shoulder:

  • Leg
  • Wind
  • Look
  • Outside/crease
  • Twist (on hitting the toe pick)


Coach A said to lengthen the take off edge, so:

  • Shoulder (i.e. keep L shoulder forward or tension in L shoulder blade)
  • Arm (i.e. keep R arm back)
  • St-ep (i.e. bend the knee and allow a longer LFO edge)
  • Toe – jump off the toe



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