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Double Salchow

Felt like I was making progress – landed a handful of jumps just under a quarter under-rotated!  Seemed to help that I changed the position of my head twice.  To neutral and then to R side.  So:

  • Shoulder – keep L shoulder forward and keep it forward – I feel a tension in the back of the shoulder blade throughout the jump
  • Head, head – i.e. neutral position during the 3-turn.  And then AS I jump, over the R side
  • Edge – i.e. allow the LBI edge to develop
  • Toe – take off from the L toe
  • Kick/look – kick the R knee up while looking forward
  • Under – get the R foot under the L foot

I wasn’t really able to focus on the ‘under’ bit.  But hopefully if I can focus on that as well, then I’ll get the next little bit of rotation.


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