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Field moves


On forward inside counters, twist the shoulders so that opposite shoulder is over the skating hip and then turn when the twist is uncomfortable.  E.g. on LFI edge, twist the R shoulder over the L hip.  As the LFI edge progresses, keep the shoulders facing forward.

On forward inside counters, stay on the ball of the foot.  Especially on the RFI counter, I have a tendency to turn on the toe pick and then rock back onto the back of the blade.  So stay on the ball of the foot.


Focus on quality of edges (as I’m currently changing edges sometimes after the choctaw).

Moving start. Start the sequence a few metres away from the barrier (to give myself room on the second choctaw): LFO down the rink, RFI (diagonal), LBO, RBI (keep this a clean edge as I was changing edge – and keep the feet neatly together and parallel), etc.


Focus on doing outside edge, outside edge, twizzle.  Keep the toes pointed inwards towards each other.

Drill: start on RBO, cross roll (i.e. swing L foot behind) onto LBO, RBO (i.e. keeping R foot crossed over L), LBO, RBO; cross cut (i.e. swing L leg forward to cross over) onto LBO, RBO, LBO; cross cut…

So it’s a 1-2-3 cross cut; 1-2-3 cross cut…


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