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Still focusing on the same technique pointers.  However, if I focus on toe and kicking, I can’t yet get the feet crossed tightly.  So I shall for the time being focus on a smaller jump but getting the right foot under the left and keeping the weight on my R side. So:

  • Shoulders – keep L shoulder forward and R shoulder back
  • Head – i.e. neutral head position
  • Edge – i.e. allow the LBI edge to develop
  • Toe – take off from the L toe
  • Kick/look – kick the R knee up while looking forward
  • Under – get the R foot under the L foot


Still doing the same drills.

On 3-turns, keep the weight over the R side and allow the feet and hips to do the turning.  Avoid straightening too much on the turns – try to keep the weight slightly forwards and over the knee.

On loop, loop – try playing around with the R arm.  Keep the shoulders level but try to scoop the R arm from back behind the body in an arc past the waist and up to generate lift.  At the moment, when I do this, I drop my R shoulder – so try to bring the arm up without dropping the shoulder.


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