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Double Salchow – focus on ‘kick-twist’

Lesson with Coach A today.


Worked on double Salchow drill, i.e. salchow-back spin.  Got faster rotation when I focused on getting the R foot under the L foot.


  • Shoulders
  • 3-turn
  • Head – i.e. neutral/look ahead/to the R (rather than L)
  • Edge – allow the LBI edge to develop
  • Toe
  • Kick – i.e. kick the R leg up into a h-shape – but keep the R foot under the R knee or even a bit closer, rather than kicking the R foot further than the R knee
  • Twist/under – i.e. R foot under L

Seemed to help if I thought about ‘kick-under’ as almost one movement, i.e. kick at the same time as twisting the R foot.  Or thinking ‘h-under’ (i.e. h-shape and twist/under) at the same time.

It’s not that stable yet when I bring the R foot in more quickly under the L, but I can feel that the rotation is a lot faster on those occasions that I do bring R under L.


To exit from a back spin, bend the R knee and THEN allow the L leg to uncross.

Bending the R knee is supposed to create a larger circle on the ice.


Do loop and then click the ankles together.  I tried this a couple of times and it wasn’t as dangerous as I thought it might feel.


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