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Double Salchow

Skated at Brixton today. Weird, hollow-sounding ice.

Anyway, progress on double Salchow drill.

New checklist – the blue bits are the bits I’m focusing on:

  • Shoulders
  • 3-turn
  • Head – i.e. look ahead/to the R (rather than L)
  • Edge – allow the LBI edge to develop
  • Toe
  • Kick – i.e. kick the R leg up into a h-shape
  • (R side – i.e. pull into the R side) – think this bit may be superfluous if I focus on the next step ‘under’
  • Under – i.e. R foot under L

This often felt fairly natural and fairly secure on landing.  I *think* I’m crossing in the air.  And mostly landing 1.25 rotations (and occasionally closer to 1.50).  So if I keep practising this and can manage just a little height, perhaps I’ll get 1.75 easily enough.


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