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Double Salchow

I’ve decided to stop trying to do double Salchows and instead to focus on good technique.

So, new drill is to focus on crossing the feet in the air into a back spin.  Some of the key points:

  • After the 3-turn, wait the the LBI edge to come around
  • Jump only when the LBI edge is nearly forward
  • At the point of take off, lift the R arm into a V-shape and look through the V (i.e. look forward rather than around the circle)
  • Take off and CROSS THE FEET IN THE AIR

So the focus is on crossing the feet, not height for now.

Aim: do this for enough weeks (or months) until I’m snapping into a nicely crossed position very consistently.  And THEN try to kick the R foot a little higher into an h-position to get more height (and therefore rotation).


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