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Double Salchow

The best free skater at our rink had some constructive observations about my double Salchow:

  • He told me to “stretch it out”.  Also said that everything looked “mini” – crunched in, rushed, I guess.  So I need to elongate the LBI edge.
  • He spotted that I changed edge on my LBI (to LBO and back).
  • Said my rotation was slow – slower than my Axel
  • Said I needed more confidence as the technique is there


  • Confidence – “I can do this!”
  • Shoulder
  • 3-turn
  • Edge, bend – i.e. wait and hold the LBI edge (without changing edge); bend knee ready to jump
  • Shoulder
  • Together-level
  • (Knee in, toe down IF I have time to think about it – but maybe thinking about this will help to get the rotation going?)



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