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Had a lesson with new woman coach today as main coach was away.

I thought she was good because she pushed/encouraged me a bit more. I think I have plenty of power – I just don’t have the confidence to use enough of it.


SPRING UP.  She said I was bending the R knee after the 3-turn but then not straightening it fully and springing up.  So straighten the knee to get more height!


BRING R ARM AROUND AT SAME TIME AS R LEG.  She said I’m bringing the R knee up but leaving the R arm behind (which has been pointed out to me before by Ally Pally coach!)

So new checklist:

  • Shoulder
  • 3-turn
  • Bend
  • Jump up/forward
  • Together – i.e. R arm and R leg together


Drill 1: do a double 3-turn (i.e. RBO-RFI, then RFI-RBO) and then do a loop, STRAIGHTENING THE R KNEE FULLY in order to get height.  I think this drill is good for helping me to think about jumping just off my R leg.

Drill 2: with both hands on the barrier and R side facing to barrier, jump up off R leg, STRAIGHTEN R KNEE FULLY and CLICK L HEEL TO R FRONT OF FOOT.


(I actually managed to get some nearly rotated – maybe a quarter underrotated – doubles simply by pulling my arms in tighter!)

JUMP UP STRAIGHT.  She said I tend to lean forward a bit when jumping.  She wants me to stand up straighter and even lean back a little bit while on that back outside edge.

FOCUS ON R SIDE.  Be aware of R side.  Avoid pre-rotating the L side, but then throw the L side forward.

STAY PULLED IN.  When I have the confidence to keep my arms pulled in, I get loads more rotation.

Therefore, the checklist:

  • R shoulder
  • R side – i.e. focus on R axis
  • Jump UP – i.e. straighten knee and jump directly up/a little backwards rather than leaning forward
  • Pull in!

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