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Level 4 free programme

More choreography – probably 1 min 40 or 1 min 50’s worth so far:

  • Start in middle of rink on L foot, with R toe behind
  • Push off onto LFO
  • LFO 3-turn
  • Step onto RBO
  • RBO back 3-turn
  • RBI to LBI mohawk, then hold LBI with arms above head
  • Cross overs up the rink (towards coffee area)
  • * Flip
  • Slow cross overs to 2/3 down the rink
  • * Axel
  • (After the axel, I tend to do a small circle on the RBO)
  • Step forward – down the rink – on LFO
  • Cross R over L, mohawk
  • * RBI entry into back camel-sit spin combo (needs 2 revs in each position)

New stuff:

  • After back spin, step onto LFO
  • Cross over onto RFI
  • RFI mohawk onto LBI
  • Push onto RFO, 3-turn once, and 3-turn again to RFO
  • Turn R foot onto RBI and step onto LFO
  • (Then IF time, do a chasse or if loads of time, do a little circle to get me ready for step sequence)

(Step sequence as before, which ends up on a RBI), then:

  • Step onto LFO
  • Cross over onto RFI
  • RFI mohawk onto LBI
  • Glide backwards on both feet (L leg is straight while R knee is bent, with weight on RBI) – body is rotated to the right with arms soaring overhead – think of the arms going up and back down again like taking a breath
  • Step onto LFO 3-turn
  • * Then into loop, loop
  • After landing the loop on RBO, do a little hop (sort of like a toe loop) off the R foot onto L toe and then land on RFI
  • Change to LFI
  • LFI mohawk to RBI
  • LBO, cross R foot over onto RBI, tap L foot down to change R edge onto RBO – ready for…
  • * Axel, loop (additional, second axel in combination as a safety)

Now just need a little more choreography to get me to a forward sit spin to finish it all off!


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