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Double Salchow

Not getting any more rotation, but hopefully ironing out little mistakes and inconsistencies.

New checklist is:

  • Shoulders
  • Look – i.e. look forwards on the 3-turn so I can note the direction I’d like to travel on the jump)
  • 3-turn – i.e. do a proper 3-turn rather than a ‘2-turn’ and then stay on a LBI edge (rather than changing edge) by keeping the weight slightly to the L side
  • Pause – hold the LBI edge
  • L shoulder (forwards)
  • R knee up

Things I’m focusing on:

  1. Doing a proper 3-turn
  2. Holding the LBI edge after the 3-turn

Once I get this more consistent, THEN I can focus on pulling the arms in more quickly to get the extra rotation.


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