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Friday lesson



  • Shoulders (i.e. L shoulder forward, R shoulder back) – even before the 3-turn
  • (3-turn)
  • Shoulders (L shoulder forward, R shoulder back)
  • Leg – keep the R leg back and HOLD the edge for a fraction longer
  • L shoulder – keep the L shoulder down and forward.  Even try bringing the L hand into the circle (i.e. towards the R shoulder a little)

Keeping the R leg back is difficult (for now!)

Focusing on the L shoulder at the last moment helps me to jump substantially straighter.


Drill 1:

Do a single loop with L hand on R hip, L shoulder is forward.  R arm starts off back but then comes in for the jump.

Drill 2:

Do a single loop taking off with the feet crossed.    Then turn the R foot in.  This creates much more turn in the air.

Drill 3:

L hand on R hip, do: single loop, single loop, single loop into backspin.


I didn’t learn this in lesson, but have figured it out for myself in preceding weeks.

In doing forward outside loops, it helps if I keep my weight going out of the circle, onto the opposite side.  E.g. RFO loop means my hips and weight go L.


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