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Making progress


Coach told me to:

a) wait after the 3-turn so I get a longer LBI edge

b) keep the R shoulder back after the 3-turn, partly to help get the longer LBI edge

Therefore, new checklist:

  • Shoulders – i.e. check L shoulder forward AND R shoulder back
  • Check – i.e. wait on the LBI edge
  • Together/level – i.e. bring the arms in together and level

Those three on their own helped me to land to forwards really easily.  Keeping the R shoulder back and checking after the 3-turn seems to help me quite a lot more than rushing through it as I had been doing.


When changing, imagine that I’m hugging a barrel with both my arms as well as my R leg.  This seemed to help!


Coach said that I could get a level on my spin by adding a hop.  So doing back camel into back sit, and then coming up with a hop on to back upright spin.

Also try doing back sit into back pancake.  And back sit into alternate position with R arm grabbing L blade and L arm up.


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