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Practice at Slough ice rink


Got good rotation and was mostly only a quarter under-rotated!  Mainly achieved this by thinking about taking off from the toe (which must have helped me to get more height).


  • Shoulder – i.e. L shoulder forward
  • Jump together – i.e. R knee and R arm come in at same time
  • Toe – i.e. take off from L toe


In my lesson, my spins are often worse than in practice.  But coach spotted two errors I was making: a) my upper body was too far up, and b) I wasn’t bending L knee enough.


  • Wind
  • Look (over L shoulder)
  • Body – i.e. start bending upper body lower as if going under a goal post
  • Bend (L knee)


Managed to do a few camel-sit combination spins by bringing the L arm around more.  Coach suggested that I think about bringing the L arm (and R arm) around like a butterfly motion.  This helped!



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