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Practice after a Monday lesson


Coach pointed out that a) my shoulders aren’t level when I take off, and b) my ankles aren’t anywhere near each other when I jump.

Therefore, try:

  • Shoulder
  • Level – i.e. as I rotate on the ice to forward, check that my shoulders and hands are level as I pull them in
  • Ankles – i.e. keep the ankles together

It worked for a bit and I landed to forward.  But then after stopping to chat for a bit, it stopped working, but maybe I was tired by then?


During my lesson, I rushed things and couldn’t get into a camel.  But when I slowed things down again, it worked better.

Therefore, just keep working on my checklist:

  • Wind
  • Look
  • Wait – i.e. allow the RFO edge to develop
  • Left – keep the R leg left into the circle

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