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Circular step sequence (with new change)


  • LFO rocker to LBO – do the turn by swinging the R foot forward and turning anti-clockwise to LBO
  • LBO counter (i.e. rotate anti-clockwise) to LFO
  • LFO rocker to LBO
  • Cross cut (i.e. cross R foot over L) to RBO
  • Change edge to RBI
  • RBI loop
  • Step onto LFO
  • R toe, L toe (rotating anti-clockwise)
  • RFI Ina Bauer (i.e. LFI and RBI) with L arm forward and R arm out
  • RFI twizzles (i.e. five 3-turns) – with arms down, hands by the waist
  • End twizzles on two feet, RBI and LBO – with R arm in front, L arm back, facing out of the circle – pause for a moment
  • Then RBO twizzles with hands up
  • Step onto LFO
  • Step onto RFI
  • RFI bracket (i.e. rotate clockwise) to RBO
  • Counter (i.e. rotate clockwise) to RFO
  • RFO swing rocker to RBO
  • Choctaw from RBO to LBI – by taking the L foot over the R foot while turning the L toes in.  Then doing a small hop to forward
  • Step onto RBI
  • Blues choctaw – i.e. put L toe to R heel then put LBO down
  • Double choctaw – i.e. LBO to RFI, to LBO
  • Cross cut – i.e. cross R foot over onto RBO
  • Double choctaw the other way – i.e. RBO to LFI, to RBO
  • Counter – i.e. turn counterclockwise from LBO to LFO
  • Cross RFO over L
  • Step onto LFO
  • Quickstep choctaw – i.e. put R foot behind L foot, with R toe touching L heel, then change foot, direction and edge to RBI

That seems enough to get me all the way around a full circle now.


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