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Focused on new checklist:

  • Shoulder
  • Bend – i.e. bend the L knee to allow me to jump higher
  • Knee up – i.e. bring the R knee high towards the L hand
  • Knee in, toe down – i.e. turn the R knee in and the R toe down in order to get into a good landing position


  • Wind
  • Look
  • Wait – i.e. focus on the RFO edge
  • Left

Did some decent camels in the morning.  Then got terrible late morning.  Went for lunch and came back to the ice and did really, really good camels.


Actually kind of managed to land a flying camel today!!  Really helped to fling the L arm from forward (in the “wind up” position) to behind me just as I took off.

Not great back camel positions.  But there was definitely a jump of some sort.


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