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Free programme (Levels 1 to 3)

1 minute 30ish – skating to edited version of Perfidia.

Asterisked elements were required.

  • Start facing down the rink towards judge – L toe pick in the ice, R foot on the ice, with both hands over L hip. Sway hands to right, then back to left, then larger towards R. Then push off, 3-turn on L foot into…
  • *Flip
  • *Inside entry into back camel on the mwahhh
  • *Do Axel/Salchow, then move to end of the rink
  • *On piano, step sequence to other end – RFO rocker; cross L over R; LBI bracket; choctaw onto RBO, cross L over R, cross R under L, double 3s on R foot to end up on RBO, then change edge to RBI; step onto LFI loop; step onto RBI, do a back 3-turn onto RFO; step onto LFO loop; on end of loop, do 3-jump-like step onto toe, cross L over R; step onto LBI rocker, counter, rocker; step onto LFI bracket onto LBO, turn (back counter?) into L double 3s; step onto RFO and double double 3s.
  • RFO rocker – turn shoulders to R before the rocker
  • LBI loop – shoulders and arms face into circle (i.e. L arm forward, R arm back)
  • LFO loop – shoulders and arms face into circle (i.e. L arm back, R arm forward)
  • (Step sequence ends on R foot landing position)
  • Cross roll R over L; L cross behind R; then LFO 3-turn into flip-like entry, hop round to land LFO forward; RFI mohawk into LBI, then cross overs into centre of rink for *loop, loop combo
  • Crossovers (but crossing arms completely across chest so that elbows cross, then opening up fully into…) *LFO spiral
  • Swing R free leg to LBI into… *sit spin
  • End spin by coming up, opening up, and tapping R foot into the ice with L arm straight up by head and R arm out across L side

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