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Today’s skate and lesson



  • Upright
  • Shoulder
  • Toe (take off)
  • Cross ankles – this last bit seems to help me to land on my R side.  I’m getting about 1 and a half rotation then landing forwards
  • IDEALLY, I would ALSO pull the arms in while keeping them level.  But I can’t seem to do this and focus on the ankles at the moment.  So for now, I’m just concentrating on thinking ‘ankles’


  • Upright
  • Shoulder
  • Keep the L shoulder checked forward while bringing the R knee up
  • Curl the R arm in level


It helps me to get more jump when I bring the L arm around from front to back after the LFO edge.  So bring the L arm back while on the LFO just before the take off.


Coach said that it should help me to get the flying camel if I first can do a change foot camel.


Both coach A and coach B have said that I need to bring the free leg around (and not through) from the camel into the sit position.  Coach A suggested that I bring the L arm through from back to about 45 degrees in front before starting to bring the R leg around into the sit position.


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