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Yup, still working to focus on thinking ‘level’ and then watching the R arm as I curl it into the body.  Seems to help when I watch it curling in at around the same level as the barriers.  And landed several fully rotated (or 1/8th under-rotated) double sals!


In order to warm up for double loop, I’m doing:

  • Single loop – thinking ‘upright, (L) shoulder, toe (takeoff)’
  • Loop, loop in combination
  • Back spin into jump, land in back spin.  I committed myself to doing 6 of these.
  • And THEN double loop

Tried curling the R arm in and that seems to keep me on a RBO edge when I land (even though I was landing 3/4 under-rotated).  But I felt that my new double loop sequence should be:

  • Upright
  • Shoulder – i.e. keep L shoulder forward
  • Level/curl – curl the R into the body but keeping it level – looking at both arms and seeing them come into the body at the same height as the barriers
  • Toe – L toe leaves ice last

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