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Free skating lesson


My current mental checklist (at least before my lesson) was: Upright, shoulder, knee bend, level:

  • Upright = pull my body upright, as if someone has grabbed the top of my hair.
  • Shoulder = keep the L shoulder checked forward.
  • Knee bend = deep knee bend on L knee in order to propel me into the air.
  • Level = keep weight over L side and avoid dropping R shoulder while rotating.

However, I’m not crossing my ankles at all, even though I’m getting 1 and 3/4 rotation most of the time (but falling on my R side).

THEREFORE I need to work on a Salchow-back spin drill and think ‘knee in, toe down


Mental checklist which worked well on Monday (and today being Wednesday) was: Wind, look, leg, look, hands behind back:

  • Wind = on the back cross over LBI edge, wind L arm in front of body and R arm behind me
  • Look = look over my L shoulder
  • Leg = As I step onto my LFO edge, keep the R free leg behind me rather than allowing it to drop to the R side
  • Look = continue to look over L shoulder
  • Hands = clasp hands behind my back

However, the new mental checklist needs to include: Core + open hip:

  • Core = think about activating my core so that I keep my chest up and avoid letting the R free leg swing too wildly around
  • Open hip = keep the R hip open so that the R hip is lifted up, helping me to keep the weight on my L side

Not sure what the new, full mental checklist therefore should be.  Maybe I’ll try: Wind, look, core, open hip, leg, look.


Started this with coach today.  The theory is to do a semi-circle LFO edge, then to jump back across my own tracing to land on an RBO edge.

I tried a few but kept doing a 3-turn on the ice on my L foot.  So I need to think about jumping earlier.


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